Ticket Status

##For Faculty, Staff, and Students - **New** = The ticket has just been created and has not been assigned yet. Nobody is working on it at this point. - **Assigned** = The ticket has been assigned to a technician. The technician has not started working on it. - **In progress** = A technician is working on this ticket. - **Information requested** = The technician requested some information to the ticket submitter. The technician may not work on the ticket until s/he gets an answer. - **Hold** = The ticket is waiting for a decision to happen. No work is being do on the ticket issue. - **Solved** = The technician has proposed a solution to the ticket submitter. The technician will wait for the user to close the ticket or add new feedback. When providing a solution to the problem, a technician should always use the 'solve' status and NOT the closed' status since the 'close' status prevents any other operations on the ticket, including rating it. A solved ticket will become closed when a submitter closes it by rating it or will go back to the 'working' status if the ticket submitter adds a comment to it. - **Closed** = The ticket is closed and no more work on this ticket is required. The ticket creator cannot rate the ticket at this point. When providing a solution, the technician should not close the ticket but use the 'solve' status instead since the 'solve' status allows the ticket creator to rate the ticket.
Published on: 2015-08-12
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