Changing your WebXtender password

##For Faculty and Staff There are two ways to change your WebXtender password. - To synchronize your password to your University password: Log into Banner. Click on icon ![Picture1]( BDMS- Display Document. It is that looks like a magnifying glass on the toolbar near the center of your window. You will get the following message: ![Picture2]( Please note it is not required that your WebXtender password and University password are the same. It is just an option for your convenience. - To change your password manually in WebXtender: - Right click on database name, PROD. Then left click on Change Password. ![Picture3]( Enter current password and new password (2 times). Then click on OK. ![Picture4]( You will receive confirmation stating New Password Set.
Published on: 2015-08-19 See other articles in Troubleshooting, Accounts.