WebXtender Password Sync with Banner

For Faculty and Staff 1. Log in to Banner 2. Open up a form (It can be any form) 3. Click Tools, Banner Document Management Suite, Retrieve Documents 4. A message will be displayed that says “password has been synced” (You may or may not see this message.) 5. A browser box may open with the error “Application / Xtender Web Access.net Error 6. Close that window 7. Click "ok" on the box that is displayed on the banner screen (may or may not be displayed – no problem if it is not) Here is the link to apply for an Xtender account: http://its.georgiasouthern.edu/accounts/application-webxtender-account-and-password-assistance/
Published on: 2015-08-19 See other articles in Troubleshooting, Accounts.