Office ProPlus 2013 to Office ProPlus 2016 upgrade Instructions

## For Faculty, Staff, and Students ###What is it and who does it affect? Starting in February faculty, staff and students using Office 365 ProPlus on Windows computers will begin to be upgraded from Office 365 ProPlus 2013 to Office 365 ProPlus 2016. This upgrade only affects faculty, staff and students using computers where the IT department is not managing the Office deployment. And also, faculty, staff and students that are getting the Office bits from the Office 365 portal. ###When is it? Starting daily on February 9th and continuing for the next couple of months, 1% to 5% of the Office 365 ProPlus 2013 affected users will receive the upgrade notification. The upgrade downloads in the background and when it is complete, the user receives a notice that the upgrade is ready to install. They can postpone the install, but will be reminded of the upgrade the next time they launch the application. They will not be forced to upgrade. Below is an example notification in Microsoft Word: ![Picture1]( ###How do users install it? The install requires all Office applications to be closed and will take on average of 10-15 minutes to download. The download is 850 MB with an optional 200 MB for each language pack. Network bandwidth should not be affected because only 1% to 5% of users will receive the download per day. ###Why install the new version? There are many great enhancements with Office 365 ProPlus 2016 including: · Real time co-authoring improvements in Word and PowerPoint · Tell Me: Simply type what you want to do in the app using your own words, and then Tell Me will guide through the process as well as offer additional resources. · PowerPoint enhancements including new Morph transitions and automated slide Designer. For a more complete list of enhancements, please give faculty, staff and students the following urls: This one lists the new features: This one has a video that walks the user through the top six reasons to upgrade: ## For Faculty, Staff, and Students
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