Departmental Resource Accounts

To request a Departmental Resource Account, click the following link: click on "Departmental Email/Resource Account Form" link. Fill out the requested information and click "Submit". Use that form to request a new departmental resource/email account or to change ownership of an existing account. To change the password of the Departmental Resources/Email Account: Go to Click on "Student Organizations & Departmental Accounts Login" Click on "Change Password" Note: If you don't know the current password or you need assistance with resetting the password, contact the Helpdesk at 912-478-2287 or submit a mytechhelp ticket. You will be redirected to Note: You will receive a message saying "There is a problem with this website's security certificate" Click "Continue" to this website Enter the username (do not include and password of the account and click "Login" Then Enter you Old Password Enter your New Password based on the Password Policy Requirements Confirm New Password Click "OK" A message is displayed "Your Password has been changed successfully". Close your browser before trying to log back in.
Published on: 2017-09-26
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